Option to require a specific type of 2FA for some items

I request the option to set 2FA on specific items. So after master-password and 2FA entrance into the vault, there is an option to add additional (and perhaps different) 2FA to access certain items.

The majority of my logins/secure-notes can be accessed via master-passowrd and 2FA from an authenticator app—this way I can get my daily use (and less sensitive) passwords/data on all devices. However, for certain sensitive items, I wish to require additional 2FA from, say, a yubikey. This also makes sense when computer manufacturers start including built-in (hardware) 2FA . In that case, certain items would only be accessible on certain machines.

In essence, this request is similar to the request to support multiple U2F keys, with the addition of being able to require any of the multiple keys to access specific items in the vault.

I hope that makes sense, thanks!

Partly duplicate of this post Require master password "re-prompt" for some items, though I saw no mention of 2FA (only password and fingerprint)