Option to format Notes field like the Password field

It would be nice to have the option to format the Notes field the same way as the Password field is formatted with blue numbers and red characters. For example via a checkbox in settings or a toggle next to the field name to temporarily format the field the same way as the Password field.

This feature would allow the user to change the Notes field from unformatted to Password field style formatting. So if the user has another password or cryptographic key in the Notes field it will be formatted just like if it were in the Password field. This will make it easier for the user to clearly identify each character and not be confused between an uppercase o and the number 0.

There are plenty of cases where I need to manually enter a cryptographic key or secondary authentication (i.e. security questions). In those cases it would be very helpful to have the Notes field, where I mainly store these items, formatted the same way as the Password field to clearly identify the letters/numbers/characters for these items.