Option to force PIN temporarily

Feature name

  • Option to Temporarily Disable Biometrics and force PIN/Password

Feature function

  • What will this feature do differently? It will provide a simple way to set Mobile App to be unlocked by PIN
  • What benefits will this feature bring? Security

Related topics + references

The prompt for this request was this story.

Currently, as long as the thieves have your finger/face they can unlock Bitwarden. Whilst it doesn’t mitigate against accessing banking applications (most could do with this feature or at an OS level), it would stop access to wider passwords and 2FA codes.

The idea is that, when going into a high risk environment, the convenience of the biometrics can easily be suspended for the more difficult to use, PIN. Then reversed. This could be the enabling of the PIN as a secondary authentication, or instead.

Currently this seems to be a multi step process to disable and re-enable. I’d like it to be in the 3 dots menu.

I would also like this idea of combining biometrics with a pin.

Currently, I have enabled “always ask password” for my critical accounts… but this implies a really long (and hard to type) password on a smartphone. It’s currently my choice, but I think bio+pin could be a nice trade-off.

Maybe this solution is sufficient for you. In that case… here is some documentation:

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