Option to drag the popup screens wider and/or maximize

Option to drag the popup screens larger/maximize

For now it’s only possible to drag a pop-up screen - like for the notes - larger in heigth.
But I’d like to drag the pop-up screens wider and/or maximize.

I assume that this is about a browser extension.
Have you ever clicked here ?


I was about to post a familiar feature request but thought I would bump this topic first.
Yes Peter, that button is an option but not a good one. It’s an extra click every time I need to find something. De default popup just should be a lot bigger in height. Especially since the UI got a cleaner, more spacious update. I don’t necessarily need to be able to drag the popup in size but an option to set it heigher by default 2 or even 3 times the height would be very welcome!

Hey @nickdekruijk what brower are you using? If Firefox, you can use the sidebar functionality which will be as tall as the browser window itself.

I’m using Safari.
Just tried Firefox and noticed that the popup in firefox is already much larger by default, would be nice if that would be in Safari too. Chrome is large too I see. Even the example screen you have in de the App Store screenshots show a larger popup… Maybe it’s me? Is my plugin bugged?

This is too tiny. Safari version 16.1 (18614. (Venture 13.0.1)