Option to display password in large type

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Feature name

  • Option to display password in large type

Feature function

  • The display of complex passwords is often times too small on mobile devices, causing difficulties in reading or misreading and entering the wrong password (when we have to enter the password on a device that does not have Bitwarden installed). Please add an option to display the password in larger type. 1Password has this feature and it is extremely useful
  • This feature will help users to read their long and complex passwords properly reducing errors
  • Remember to add a tag for each client application that will be affected

Related topics + references

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  • Are there any references to this feature or function on other platforms that may be helpful?

There are built-in accessibility features in Android and iOS that allow you to magnify the screen. I’m not saying this wouldn’t be a useful feature for some, but check out the built-in tools as it might help if you’re having trouble with the text size.

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Please copy the 1Password functionality.


Same here, this function is very handy if you must “copy” a password by hand. E.g. on another device. And no, os build in accessibility features are not the same.

Thanks for the feedback everyone! I can see how something like this could be useful. In the meantime the following is helpful when you are able to access a link on the second device:

  • Create a Send (for easy tracking + management), then share using an encrypted form of communication such as Signal/Threema or ProtonMail/Tutanota.
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Totally agree this feature would be awesome

Show passwords in big letters/font

Feature function

Coming from 1Password I really miss the feature to show a password entry either in the standard size or in much bigger font. Please see attached an example. Thanks for consideration. Best regards Thorsten

Large Text display option

  • for some fields, when toggling the view, having the option to display a clear, large text, version of the entry is useful. For example, transcribing a long password from phone to computer requires setting the phone down. Ideally, the font would be clear, mono-space, and easily read at a minor distance.

Feature function

The feature’s main use is an UI enhancement. Allowing the user to read an entry full nearly full screen. This would work in both portrait and landscape mode.

The view should be closable on tap or swipe.

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This is a really big UX oversight and I have no idea how this request seems to have gone completely unnoticed. I have a friend who uses OnePassword, and it displays passwords at a much larger font than the rest of the UI. (Not really sure if OnePassword lets you customize it, but that’s kinda irrelevant compared to the major issue of transcribing a password currently being super unpleasant with Bitwarden). Is the development team aware this is an issue? I’d at least feel a lot more comfortable if we had confirmation that we can be heard.

(I can only personally confirm that this is an issue on iOS by the way, not sure about Android. I’ve heard it suggested by community members that you can just set your system-wide fonts to be larger, but that’s a non-starter for what I hope are obvious reasons)

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Thanks for the feedback, will definitely bring this up with the team!

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Appreciate it. It’s a specific user experience, and one I do want occasionally, usually when setting up a new computer, or using one I don’t fully control and have to log in to something.

Bypassing with a system font change isn’t a good UX.

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While I am relived to find that this feature hasn’t been ruled out, I was hopping to find that it was at least in the works.

I really needed this feature when using a login I don’t plan to install Bitwarden on (nor use the web interface). I just wanted to use the one login. The font size is fine on my phone when using logins on my phone, but when I set the phone down on the desk to transcribe the login to the computer I’m using, the font is just a little too small.

This is also great for when I want to (for example) give someone my Guest WiFi password. I can hold my phone farther away from the person while they type it into their phone.