Option to autofill password that consists of PIN+OTP

If I enable 2FA login with mailbox.org I have to enter it with username and password. The password consists of a PIN and the OTP in one field though.

An option to build the password output would be great. Maybe something like a builder that enables us to build the output how we need it.


I have the same use case (although I don’t think BitWarden supports my RSA token.) The Field References feature request would fulfil this need I think, so maybe add your vote there as well.

+1 about this feature

I don’t have Bitwarden Premium yet (still evaluating) but can Bitwarden fill the TOTP in login forms in the web?

Yes, it can. This topic is about the possibility to merge the password and TOTP in one field when logging in.

Is it only for me the Chrome plugin does not show the TOTP code generator in the context menu anymore? Was it removed? Am I using some special version of Bitwarden plugin?

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Apparently the TOTP can only be saved but is not displayed anywhere, desktop or browser app. I have no clue if it even works as it does not give any hint that the record has an OTP on it, unless I click to edit it, where I can see the seed, which is of no use.

I’m also using Mailbox.org with TOTP activated. When logging into Mailbox.org I just press STRG+UMSCH+L to fill in the username and the password. After that I’m pressing STRG+V to paste the TOTP code right behind the password. This works like a charm in Vivaldi browser. :confused:

So apparently BitWarden has the same issues as 1Password, inability to produce composed passwords. From the technical point of view it should be very easy to do a token expansion on saved password.

If user would save “12345{{TOTP}}” this could be replaced with 12345 + the current OTP code.


Bump. I could also really use this feature. Seems like it wouldn’t take much to do this. Possibly a custom field that can be comprised of a variable for password and a variable for otp that gets dynamically generated during autofill.

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Yep, that is the only thing preventing me from moving from 1Password to bitwarden.

I know it’s not pure auto fill, but is it so hard to just hit CONTROL-V / COMMAND-V after the password is filled? That seems like a pretty minor inconvenience to warrant avoiding BW entirely, at least to me.

currently doing this as a workaround, but would like to see this implemented if possible!

This would be a great feature!

Hello! any chance to have this feature introduced in future releases?

I too would love to have this feature.