Option to allow screenshots

It would be useful to have a toggle in the settings to allow for screenshots in the mobile apps, this could aid both users and developers in having a visual for tech support or bug reporting purposes.

Any activity whatsoever on this inquiry?

Making it an option; a choice at the user’s discretion, seems reasonable, no?

In the meantime, anyone know of a workaround?


Version: 2.3.1 (2257)

There are a couple of workarounds:

  • Record the device using another device (archaic, I know)
  • Use an emulator like Bluestacks (or Android dev emulator if you have time) to reproduce the issue and record your PC screen.

Getting into the business of screenshots leaves lots of openings as you know, so it’s a slippery slope we want to stay away from as much as possible.

Plus, adding this layer of security makes creating content and tutorials so much more fun for our marketing team :slight_smile:



What about enable it by default and let the user disable it ?

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Please give option to enable it


I also wanted to take a screenshot for getting support. It would be nice if I’m able to decide if screenshots are allowed or not. :wink:

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Hi, I would like to have this feature as well. the chief being is that it allows remote support of Bitwarden. If screenshots are not allowed, then the screen will be blank.

This should be an option that you can turn on and off, since turning it on does increase security risk.

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Is there any info on this ?

These type of things should not be without option to turn off it’s up to us user what level of security we want.

If dev team has decided not to implent it then at least say so then I can look for een alternatieve.

still waiting for a reply.

If you need a reply from the Bitwarden staff, you should use the Bitwarden Contact Form. This is a community-led forum, and there is no guarantee that the Bitwarden devs will see your post to the community.

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Hi spacecabbie, we appreciate the comments and input. there is an earlier comment from Bitwarden on this thread, Option to allow screenshots - #3 by tgreer
at the moment there are no immediate plans to adjust, but we are always keeping an eye on feedback

Really he’s a dev ? Whats it with developers these days deciding what users do or not need seriously.
Damid now I have to look for yet another systeem.

Adding my voice to those who would like to see a relaxation of the security policy that prevents screeshots and screen sharing of Bitwarden mobile app. I am trying to help a friend (virtually) set up Bitwarden on her PC and Android mobile devices, using Google Meet sceen sharing and am unable to display the app window to demonstrate set-up, etc. The video tutorial on the Mobile App getting started page is way too fast… I’m already familiar with Bitwarden and even I find it hard to follow… The awkwardness of setting up a camera to shoot a physical device screen is just impractical. Surely there is a mechanism you could use to allow the user to disable the security policy temporarily with suitable warnings of the dire consequences if they are not careful, e.g. do not use a real vault, set up a demo and so on…

We surely know the security risk. But is there any simulator app for teaching for the end user.