Option to add a new login rather than update an existing

When you log into an existing site (i.e. one that BitWarden can fill out for you), but use a different password, you are prompted to update the existing password. This makes sense. However, I would like the ability to add a new login at this point as well.

Use case: I had an existing password that was created at foo.example.com when I signed up there. I needed to sign up for another account at the completely separate bar.example.com. These are totally unrelated except that they’re under the same organization. By default BitWarden matches only example.com, so it thought I already had an account at bar.example.com. Both accounts use email as the login, so my new login looked, to BitWarden, like the existing login, and I was changing the password. As a result I had two options: updated and destroy my foo.example.com credentials, or not save my bar.example.com.

I suspect this may be an odd case of “same username, same domain, but different actual accounts” that you rarely see, but it would be nice to have the option to always add new accounts when it looks like anything has changed.

This is on Firefox 86 with BitWarden 1.48.1.

Avoid the problem by changing the URI-setting to Starts with:


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Avoid the problem by changing the URI-setting to Starts with:


Yes, this works (and is how I got around it), but it’s an after-the-fact fix. If I knew beforehand it would have been fine, but I didn’t realize till it was too late. A feature to always provide an “add new login” dialog is proactive vs reactive, and safer.


+100! I had the exact same problem. Its would be easy to add a button to say [update] or [add as new]