Option for "not to remember" e-mail id while logging-in

I would request for an option for “not to remember” my e-mail id while logging-in via. browser extension.
Since sometimes I could use some other trusted computer to log-in to bitwarden, and I do not want bitwarden to remember my e-mail id

I would prefer every time to type my e-mail id in any trusted computer I use
I request developer to add this option in future release


The browser extension only locks your vault after a short period of time or when the browser is shut down. If you want to erase all your data after using the extension, you can log out from the settings (or just use the web vault on computers you do not trust).

The issue is even after logout from browser extension, my email-id is remembered always.
I require an option “not to remember” my email-id after logout and during fresh log-in