Operational Continuity - Expired license behavior for multi-user accounts

Before I even try out multi-user licenses I need to know exactly how Bitwarden clients behave after purchased multi-user license expires.

  • Scenario #1: No longer funded and forgotten for 3 months. How can I at least export content? (Perhaps login to Bitwarden client with the owner account allows full access or export?)

  • Scenario #2: How do I/my enterprise recover if license renewals become unavailable?
    For example, Bitwarden .com (the Company) ceases to exist, gets acquired then drops license support/service, license issuing system breaks, etc.

If expired license blocks access to vault content then what is the recommended backup procedure to at least save in format that is recoverable without license?

I want to set up a family license then separately pilot/deploy an on-prem enterprise organization. Operational continuity (disaster recovery / etc.) is important for my family and critical my >50 user team.

  • My team uses KeePass, requires Open Source, and will continue using KeePass unless I present a more compelling solution with well known operational resilience.

  • My family uses nothing right now - I will choose LastPass Family plan or research other options unless I know how to confidently recover if licensed version becomes unfeasible or unavailable.

Self-Help was insufficient.

Many thanks in advance for answers/clarifications. -Zephan

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