Open website in current tab if tab is blank/empty



Something I miss from 1Password is that when I clicked on a login for a website, the website would load in the current tab if the tab was empty/did not already have a website open in it.

Currently, when I click on the “Launch” button next to an entry in Bitwarden’s Firefox plugin, a new tab will always be opened. I do not like this behavior because I use Firefox’s containers feature and for some logins, I will open a new tab in a specific container before opening a login.


I use FireFox Multi-Account Containers add-on, and I’m pretty picky about making sure I use the “always open in this container” option. So when I click an item in the Firefox extension, it opens a new tab, then switches that tab to the container type defined for that site.

I don’t know if it is because of this add-on, or if Bitwarden just doesn’t support it, but I’m surprised that when I click a site in Bitwarden’s Firefox extension, Bitwarden doesn’t automatically fill the username and password field on the target site.