Open website in current tab if tab is blank/empty

Something I miss from 1Password is that when I clicked on a login for a website, the website would load in the current tab if the tab was empty/did not already have a website open in it.

Currently, when I click on the “Launch” button next to an entry in Bitwarden’s Firefox plugin, a new tab will always be opened. I do not like this behavior because I use Firefox’s containers feature and for some logins, I will open a new tab in a specific container before opening a login.

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I use FireFox Multi-Account Containers add-on, and I’m pretty picky about making sure I use the “always open in this container” option. So when I click an item in the Firefox extension, it opens a new tab, then switches that tab to the container type defined for that site.

I don’t know if it is because of this add-on, or if Bitwarden just doesn’t support it, but I’m surprised that when I click a site in Bitwarden’s Firefox extension, Bitwarden doesn’t automatically fill the username and password field on the target site.


I am user of firefox multi containers as well. As devops engineer I work for multiple clients in parallel. I am logged in to services like gitlab and aws all the time. I use one container per client.

One big usecase for multi account containers is ability to access single site under different identities. Identity is rarely part of url. In this usecase and for this reason “always open in this container” is not helping at all.

Thus I end up opening tab manually, finding correct url in history and letting bitwarden auto fill it. Not exactly bad but I would like to see option to open link in current tab for this reason. I see it received one vote during two years so I am not getting too too excited about it :slight_smile: