One or multiple peppers for bank websites

I am new at Bitwarden and I read many of the questions, but I am still not clear about peppering or salting. I have about 5 bank/investment accounts where I like to add a pepper. Can I use the same pepper for these accounts? It will be hard to remember different peppers for me. Of course all these accounts have different passwords. Thanks.

Hi @Renee_Bezemer - welcome!

There is no right or wrong answer here, and everyone will have their own opinions. Personally, I only have a couple of accounts that I pepper the passwords, and I am not sure that is even necessary. So, this is something you have to judge for yourself and your own personal amount of risk you are comfortable with.

Personally, I would be comfortable using the same pepper PIN or phrase on all the accounts, given that it is only a secondary measure. Others will have their own opinions, however. Cheers!

Thanks for the very speedy reply.

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