One of 3 my 3 Bitwarden images contains no saved data (it auto-emptied)

I was using my main laptop today (Win 11, fully up to date) and made successful use of various saved logins from Bitwarden on my laptop (installed as a Firefox extension). Most of today, I had 130+ saved logins. At some time tonight, they all vanished. I checked my Android cellphone and it has all my logins (it is unaffected). At no time did I deliberately or accidentally delete the log-ins, in fact, I made no additions, modifications or deletions to Bitwarden up to the point that everything vanished.

I checked my 2nd laptop and it too has no content in the Bitwarden image, also installed as a Firefox add-on.

I have no traffic moving between the two laptops by wire or wirelessly. I did use a USB flash drive to move some files from the other laptop to my main one. Because any odd behaviour could be a virus, I ran anti-virus scans on both laptops, I use Avast, to check. It found no malware or other threats.

Using my account on the main Bitwarden website, I manually updated every saved login to ensure their content was newer than any possible deletions. I then synced from my Android device. The laptop still showed no logins stored in the Bitwarden add–on. So I deleted the add-on from my laptop and then reinstalled it back to Firefox. That made no difference, it still contained no logins. I tried sync from the laptop add-on and even that made no difference. The add-on literally contains nothing; no add-ons, no profile, no folders.

This is additional to all above and below.
On my main laptiop, the Firefox add-on for Bitwarden just vanished, i.e. it appeared to uninstall itself. I took no action that could have caused that. I searched thoroughly and Firefox had no record of the add-on being present. I reinstalled it. I logged on to it. All my saved log-ins were present. I checked elsewhere within the Bitwarden add-on and then returned to my vault — it took less than 1 minute to do this — and the only content left in my add-on was my Identity (I referred to this above as my profile).
I then checked my other laptop. It’s Bitwarden add-on for Firefox had also unilaterally disappeared. There was/is no active communication between the two laptops (no wireless connection, no cable connection) and I have not used the USB flash drive since this problem started. So, apparently, each laptop lost its Firefox add-on of Bitwarden independently, at almost the same time (which i find very difficult to understand).
I checked the other laptop and there was no record of Bitwarden being installed on firefox so I reinstalled it. I logged in. All the saved log-ins were present. (The main laptop still showed no content in bitwarden. Android still showed Bitwarden to be full.)
I checked tow folders asnd found log-ins in both, on the other laptop. I then clicked on the desktop and the Bitwarden window closed. I reopened it and all the logins had gone, leaving only my Identity.

It’s now about 1 hour later. Without touching anything, no re-isntalls, no reboots, Bitwarden on my main laptop showed all the saved log-ins. Then, less thamn 10 minutes later, they disappeared. I noticed they were present went I went to a Google page using firefox and Bitwarden flagged it had 4 passwords relevant to the domain. I stayed on that web page and the 4 just disappeared, all by itself and when I checked in the add-on, all the entries had disappeared.

Barely having submitted the last paragraph, I went back to the browser. I closed various tabs I no longer needed. The Bitwarden icon still showed null - no number, meaning no saved log-ins. I then clicked on a tab holding Facebook. Immediately the bitwarden icon showed a 1, meaning it had 1 saved password for the facebook domain. Checking some more, all the log-ins have returned — but I don’t know for how long. This cannot be result of communications with the other laptop as it is currently running a restore to a Restore point, in case that helps that other laptop. (Before i hit Restore, Firefox lost everything — it lost all its add-ons and all the user settings. No idea why. I hadn’t touched anything!)

It’s now a half-day later. The other laptop has completed reverted to a restore point and is working. I had to install Bitawrden to Firefox after which it auto-unistalled and I had to re-install it.
The main laptop has not been changed (no use of a restore point yet). This morning, Bitwarden had uninstalled itself from firefox. I reinstalled it, the icon appeared in the upper-right toolbar and then, 1 second later, I watched as it removed itself. The installation web page for the Bitwarden add-on still says “Remove” where it would otherwise say “Install”, so the website thinks my Firefox already has the extension. But there is no Bitwarden icon and the space it occupied has disappeared.
I just minimised Firefox and then opened it back onto the screen. The Bitwarden icon was present in the toolbar but immediately disappeared and the space it occupied closed up.
END OF UPDATE until something else happens!]

I have no idea what more I can do (other than abandon Bitwarden in favour of some other equivalent, but I would prefer not to do that). I’m desperately in need of a solution and have no idea where to start. I found nothing in any online Bitwarden help.

Thanks in advance for any advice.

Hi @paulindr, let’s get you in touch with our support team for assistance with troubleshooting.

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This is now RESOLVED.
Thanks to dwbit and the Bitwarden Support Team.

Their advice was to disable Firefox sync, log out of the Firefox account, reinstall Firefox, reinstall Bitwarden, and then log back into the Firefox account and turn sync back on (which happens automatically when one signs into the account).
I did all the above and Bitwarden now seems stable.


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