One click login with browser addon

One click login could be very simplifying change of workflow using Bitwarden browser addon, almost life-changing.
I see it as:

  1. Login data would have additional fields:
    a) login field ID or Name,
    b) password field ID or Name,
    c) POST form URI or URI of login page,
    d) maybe more fields saved in login entry,
    e) maybe login entry setting - if page should be reloaded after one-click-login.
    Then i could press one keyboard combination or 2 clicks (first to open Bitwarden addon view and second to click on distinct icon between 3 existing on login entry) or even 1 click if there is possibility to add second icon for addon (could be impossible).
    Then it would directly POST fields to saved URI or open login page and then submit form, all background, all without finding form on page or going to another page etc.
    Then current page would be reloaded, if entry setting is set.
    It should report error (maybe red bar) when there was an HTTP error (ie. 404).
    There should be way to view log to manually verify logons (ie. form returning 200 but not working) with button/icon to go to login page.

  2. Gathering data could be done:
    a) additional button/option on new/changed credential detect bar to store above fields and form/POST URI for one-click,
    b) manual entering data to login entry.

  3. Validating existing data:
    a) another button in addon UI to validate stored fields IDs/names/URIs with current webpage.