Once you enter your fingerprint to add a new entry, allow to keep Bitwarden unlocked

Feature name

Once you enter your fingerprint to add a new entry, allow to keep Bitwarden unlocked

Feature function

After entering a new login/password in a new website, you click Save on Bitwarden bar to save the entry. Then you are prompted by Windows Hello to enter your fingerprint. That’s fine.
BUT then comes currently the nasty part: when you need to login to another website 10s after, you would expect to have your Bitwarden account unlocked ! But no ! The current feature of BW is: it is locked.
It needs to stay unlocked during the time frame setup by the user instead.
Why ? Just an example: when when you open a new account for example, you usually are requested to confirm you email, so you have to immediately log on your webmail. So BW needs to keep being unlocked, and not locked as it is currently is.

Stop asking for the fingerprint twice when saving a new password and then using BW just 10s please.

@Christop so if I understand you correctly, after authenticating with your fingerprint and adding an entry 10s later it asks for it again?

I would say check your vault timeout and ensure it’s not set to immediately. I personally used to but now I change between 1min - 15 min which means during this time period it will not ask to authenticate again until that time period with your vault unless you hit the lock now option of course. This also can be done on the desktop bitwarden app, so far they are not synced on that option so ensure you manually go in and set both within settings > security > vault timeout

My vault timeout is very long (15mn). This is not the issue.

The issue is that BW locks you out just after creating a new entry.
Try you will see. I use Windows Hello, so try with it.

@Christop i apologize I misunderstood you. i currently only have ios and mac right now, seems like a possible issue with the windows version.

I have not precised, yes it is with Windows. I have Windows 11 and have BW Chrome extension as well as BW for Windows.

Hey @Christop is this the bug you are experiencing? Biometrics requires authorization on every page load. Mac, Chrome & Safari · Issue #3441 · bitwarden/clients · GitHub

Have you checked your vault timeout settings for both clients?

This bug is for Mac, I am in Windows using Windows Hello.

Both client have 15mn. This is not the issue. I have also given a screenshot of my timeout period.

Please test yourself with all the info, you will experience the same. It is obvious this was done on purpose. But the purpose is none sense.

Thanks @Christop please confirm if the linked Github bug is the issue you are experiencing, which includes Mac, or if needed, create a new bug with steps to reproduce for the team to investigate. The forum is a community supported space and the best place to log bug related information is Github :+1:

It is not a bug, it is clearly a feature, but based on a bad choice.

That doesn’t sound like expected behavior, this is the community forum, I would suggest to do one of the following, contact the offical support team at bitwarden.com/contact or add information to a bug report on Github for the team to review.

It is a community forum, so can someone please test this to confirm he has the same behavior. It takes 2 mn to test for anyone with Windows. Without this feedback it is not a community.