On premise uninstall procedure

I’d like to uninstall the on premise setup I made following the installation guide. Apparently the ./bitwarden.sh command doesn’t implement an uninstall action.

I assume it’s enough to delete bwdata and bw root dir, but I was wondering if something needs to be cleaned on the Docker side.


If BW is the only Docker thing you have on your system and you want to clean that up, you can do this :

docker container ls
docker container stop <bitwarden container's ID>
docker system prune --volumes

This will stop BW and clean all docker-related data on your system (container, images, volumes, networks)

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I do have other containers running :wink:

I’m not very familiar with docker, but I suspect there are offline cached images and stuff that can be cleaned up. I’ll have a look

I followed these instructions but found that docker container ls showed nothing, most probably because I hadn’t gotten to the point where I actually started bitdefender running.

I want to uninstall bitdefender so I can reinstall it with more reasonable options. When I installed earlier today, it asked me for a bunch of parameters like specific email addresses and certificate protocols that I had not at that time yet prepared my machines to accommodate, so I would like to start again from scratch with better alternatives.

I’m surprised nobody has responded to this yet. Let me ask it more directly.

What do I have to do to completely destroy my existing (on-premise) installation of Bitwarden, so that I can start over?

I don’t need to erase all the code, just anything config-y, so it thinks it is being installed fresh on a new system.

Just remove the bwdata directory? More?

Per Backup your Hosted Data: About Hosted Data:

All Bitwarden data is stored on the host machine in the ./bwdata directory, relative to the location in which you installed Bitwarden.

If the goal is to reset all the config and stored data to redo that, then stopping Bitwarden and deleting the bwdata directory will remove any config-related data allowing one to follow the installation guide again to configure it again from scratch.

This will leave any docker images in place though, so it does not fully reset it to a fully pre-install state, but would allow for a fresh start in terms of setting up and configuring Bitwarden.

I agree with OP though, an “uninstall” command for bitwarden.sh would be nice to reset everything, including docker, back to a pre-install state.

Just ran ‘sudo ./bitwarden.sh uninstall’ (linux) looks like it worked.