On-Premise installation: Attachment can't be opened

Hi there,

I have installed BW on a Synology Docker and it runs very well.

I have the premium features activated and everything but attachments works fine.

I can add and delete any attachment. They are synced across all devices. However, if I click on the attachment, the system doesn’t do anything. They little icon is running but nothing happens (no error at all). I have checked all docker container. I was expecting an entry in attachment container, but there is no exception shown - neither in this nor any other container.

BTW: I have no organisation set up.

Does anyone has an idea what else can be checked?


@kspearrin: Great peace of software. Keep up the good work.

Just as additional information:

  • The attachment can be seen under /docker/bwdata/core/attachments (encrypted).
  • Opening an attachment from bitwarden software (rather than Web) I get the same behaviour (the little animation is turning / nothing happens / no entry inany log)

Hope someone has an idea?