On-Prem hosted not working after server restore

Bitwarden was running fine on Windows 2016 server with Docker CE. The server was rebooted without properly shutting down bitwarden and Docker CE. After it restarted, I have been unable to get it running again - the ngnix, mssql, and identity containers are in continuous reboots. I know the identity container issue is because of the mssql container problem, which seems to be an issue with it not liking the master.mdf any more. But, the bigger issue is the nginx container. The error from the docker logs shows:
nginx: [emerg] invalid number of arguments in “ssl_certificate” directive in /etc/nginx/conf.d/default.conf:21

When I copy the /etc/nginx/conf.d/default.conf file off to look at it, line 21 is:
ssl_certificate ;

instead of the line from my config.yml: ssl_certificate_path: /etc/ssl/keys.mydomain.com/certificate.crt.

Looking at the rest of the default.conf, it has the correct http and https ports (8080 and 4443, respectively), but nothing else from the config.yml. It’s like it is not even reading the config.yml. So, I renamed config.yml to config.old, stopped bitwarden, executed a rebuild, and then started it and it never recreated the config.yml, nor did it update the default.conf for nginx with any new settings. And the default.conf file I copied out of the nginx container does NOT match the default.conf file in bwdata\nginx\default.conf.

Thinking that something I had done fiddling with stuff my have screwed up the server, I restored the VM from last Wednesday’s backup when I know the server was working fine and started over. And it was a complete VM restore, not just restoring files. Same thing. I’ve even tried updating bitwarden to the latest greatest and I’m getting no where.

Anybody have any ideas?