Old/Expired Passwords Report

Request: to add a “Old/Expired Passwords Report” on the Bitwarden Web Vault tools list. This will show a list of passwords that have not been updated in a certain amount of time. This is a feature that mostly all password managers have but seems absent on Bitwarden.

Sidebar Concept:

Reused Passwords Report
Expired Passwords Report
Unsecured Websites Report

Report Concept:
Show passwords that have not been updated in [Dropdown menu] days
[Dropdown items: 10 days, 15 days, 20 days, 30 days, 90 days, 120 days]

  1. Google…last updated 95 days ago
  2. Amazon…last updated 107 days ago
  3. Foo…last updated 591 days ago

How old is this request? It only shows as “April 25” but who knows what year? I was directed to this suggestion when I started to post a thread asking if there was any way to get a password age report. I’d like to be able to review such a report on a weekly basis, as a guide to changing passwords after they reach a certain age.

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This may not have a lot of votes, but certainly seems to be requested on a semi regular basis. Here are other related posts I came up with with a couple of quick searches.

Edit: Forgot the last post like this i updated (another 8 votes there)

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Mmmm, there’s https://www.bountysource.com
So maybe we can found this FR

Totally on board with PRs for new stuff!

If you all decide you’d like to contribute code for this function - please open a thread in the GitHub contributions category and we can discuss the feature/function and scope.

Rock on guys!

This would be a great addition to the Tools section. Just have an ability to select a custom threshold value for showing expired password. Ie. a few pre-selected values and a custom value in terms of N days/months/years.

Also: if there will be a feature for setting a expiration duration on a per password basis, it would then override this master threshold selection.

+1 for wanting the feature.

Would be very useful to know when my passwords have gotten a bit stale… +1

I would like this feature too, this is what i was thinking on this:

rather than relying on each specific webpage’s password expiration policy to trigger, i could rely on a bitwarden timer to let me know when i havent changed my password say in 90 days or so, so that i can know to rotate my password more frequently.

Maybe there could be an internal timer or something similar generated at the same time a new password is generated and saved for a bitwarden account in the bitwarden app/addon. This would be easier to manage and quicker to implement in a simplified manner.