Offer master password generator in Bitwarden account creation

During Bitwarden account creation, users are asked to enter a master password. The field is free-entry. There is a password strength indicator, a suggestion to “not forget” the password and an optional field for a master password hint.

As a free-entry field, a user is expected to come up with a password on the spot…or use one created previously. This is of course the most important “knowledge factor” secret in the password manager, taking the place of and allowing other “passwords” to potentially be immemorable.

Rather than relying on free entry, users should be offered, or even strongly encouraged, to instead use a provided password generator. For sake of memorability, this should probably default to a passphrase generator, with a dictionary in the user’s language. This would offer both enhanced security, and greater convenience. It certainly would’ve made my own account creation several steps easier.

Somewhat related feature request: