O365 save login


Whenever i go to portal.office.com to login(i have like 20 accounts there for multiple organizaitons)
Bitwarden doesnt offer to save the site, any way to solve this?

Hello Klaas - welcome!

You are likely seeing this behaviour because you are using the default URI match detection to associate your logins with a domain or set of domains used by Office/Microsoft. You can change this behaviour to make it more specific for the exact set of login credentials you would like to use. Full instructions for URI matching can be found here:


But i can only set it after the login is saved right?
Whenver it is saved it does work, and it finds the site. But i simply dont get a popup that i can save it.

Yes, you can always edit a URI after a login is saved in Bitwarden. The trick is to be sure that all websites accessed by one set of credentials (i.e., a username and password combination) are stored as URIs in just one login item in BW. This is especially true of your Microsoft credentials where they may be used on many sites, often with different domain names, in these cases, you may need to add a new URI to an existing BW login item and not create a new item for the site. Hope that makes sense!