Notifications for organisations

It would be helpful if there were options to notify members of an organisation, cases might be:

  • If an item is shared to or created in a collection they have access to,
  • Someone changes an item they created, or they often use,
  • They’re added to a new collection

I just often find myself creating or editing a site login for a colleague and saving it (usually in the browser plugin) and sharing it with them from the web vault, and then and then going over to my email and telling them that it;s been done, and that if they don’t see it they might need to refresh their browser plugin.

And notify an admin if someone accepts an invitation to the organisation.

I haven’t used groups much, I am still trying to figure out how best to organise collections in my use case, but there are probably group notification too.

The notifications could be email, or from the app I guess.