Not working with Firefox or Chrome on iPad Pro iPadOS 13

Yesterday I signed up for Premium option, now on my iPad Pro with iPadOS 13 when I use Firefox (not private mode) or Chrome browser and click on a sign in Bitwarden won’t work, I only get a square window that is opaque, then the browser freeezes. It works with Safari though.

On my Moto g6 Android phone, Bitwarden works with Firefox Focus. With regular Firefox though, the email stored by Bitwarden pops up briefly then disappears. If I close the browser then open it again it works. Bitwarden works fine with Chrome though.

I don’t know if this was a coincidence with me signing up for Premium or if there’s a bug.

Update on iPadOS 13. I noticed I wasn’t running the latest version, 13.3, so I installed it and now Bitwarden works with Firefox and Chrome. I just have to hope for a fix for my Moto g6 Android release 9 issue.

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