Not able to view all collection items using CLI as an admin

Bitwarden CLI to support allowing Admins manage collections similar to the experience on the Admin Console. This will mightily help the administration of org-collections via automation.

As an admin, I am able to view all collection items via the Admin Console but I am unable to do the same using the CLI. With the CLI, I’m only able to view the collection items that my user has been granted access.

How to reproduce:

Experience via Bitwarden Admin console
Say there are 2 users - test-user and test-admin

  • As test-user, create a collection “test-collection”, and a couple of items under it. Then edit the access config ensuring that test-admin is not granted any permission.
  • As test-admin, go to the Bitwarden Admin console to view the “test-collection” and its items.
  • Outcome: test-admin can view items of “test-collection” via the Admin console

Experience via Bitwarden CLI:
On the terminal,

  • Log in as test-admin
  • Confirm that test-admin can list org-collections, and the output includes “test-collection”
  • Fetch “test-collection” collection id and attempt to list items under this collection e.g. by running the command below:
❯ ./tmp/bw list items --collectionid "$(./tmp/bw list org-collections --organizationid "$ORG_ID" | jq -r '.[] | select(.name == "test-collection") | .id')"  | jq

  • Outcome: An empty list is returned

I suspect the CLI only gives the password-manager console view of collections. But it seems the lack of support for admin tasks via cli is a huge hole yet to be addressed.