Not able to copy fields in a passport?

I use the app on android. I added a passport. But I can’t copy fields. There is no icon to copy. There is the copy button only for additional fields, but not for main.
I’m not able to make a screenshot coz the app prohibits to do it.

Please add the button to copy each field.

All you need to do is create custom fields for the items you wish to be able to copy with a button:

Are you kidding me? All I need to do is delete the app.

Wtf i must create additional fields and fill them by the same data as default fields?

Hi @11127,

Sorry - I didn’t realize you were speaking about “Identity” entries. Somehow, I must have misinterpreted your first post.

Identity entries are not really designed for copying and pasting, as you would like to do. They are meant for auto-filling multiple-entry forms. You might try using a Secure Note entry instead - any text you enter here can easily be copied with a long press in the Android BW app.

I swapped this to the questions section - we actually have a request open here for this functionality: