No Save Password Prompt on Android

Hi All,

I have been trying to set up BitWarden on my devices and it works well for the most part. I see great potential and would be happy to support it!

However, I ran into one important problem and I would like some help. I spent hours searching online but other than a few posts from 2017 and 2019 I can’t really find much which makes me think that this is a problem on my end.

After I log in to a website I cannot see save password prompts after logging in on my Android phone. The prompt works fine on the same website on my computer. This happens to all websites - in fact, I have not found a website that would prompt me to save the password.


  • Google Pixel 2 XL, stock, unrooted, Android 11, latest Oct 2020 security patch.
  • All google store and services up to date.
  • BitWarden up to date.
  • Auto-fill enabled in app.
  • Accessibility service enabled in app.
  • App is able to draw over other apps.
  • Vault lock set to ‘never’.
  • Option to disable save password prompt is NOT check (i.e. it is set to save passwords).
  • Tried Google Chrome and Firefox browsers.

Things I have tried:

  • Disabling battery optimization for BitWarden.
  • Clearing app cache.
  • Reinstalling the app.
  • Rebooting device.
  • Different browsers.
  • Gave app all permissions (including storage and camera access to try).
  • Tried changing auto vault lock setting.
  • Disabling native Google Chrome password manager.
  • Disabling native Firefox password manager.
  • Full factory reset of the phone - tried app without installing any other of my apps after the reset.
  • Went through all the settings in the phone hoping to find some privacy / security / overlay / prompt setting.

I would really appreciate your help. Any ideas anyone?


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I don’t think an external password manager will be able to display a save password prompt on Android. You need to use the browsers built in password manager.

Thanks for your reply.

Please correct me if I’m wrong but all the other password managers do it. I just abandoned LastPass (for different reasons) but it was able to do it.

Also, why would there be an option to disable the prompt if the app wasn’t able to generate it in the first place?

Sorry, but I must have misunderstood what you said. Can you explain a little bit more? Also, Bitwarden is the only password manager I have used in a long term basis. I have never heard of this on Android with any password manager yet. @tgreer a little help please.:grin:

The Android and iOS applications don’t prompt to save passwords for new logins. The prompts are for autofill, which just detects input items.

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Hey guys,

Once again thank you for your time - looks like I spent 2 days looking to fix a feature that’s not even there :slight_smile: My bad. I tried 4 different password managers while trying to find what suits me best and all of them apart from BitWarden could do that.

However, just to clarify, in the following post kspearrin says the following:

Saves should be supported. What should happen if a popup from the bottom should ask you to save these credentials to Bitwarden. This popup is handled by the OS, we just feed it with data. Saves work in my test app, but I’ll need to look at this specific app to see what may be going on.

Does this mean that BitWarden supports saving password for actual Android apps only and not android websites?

Thanks for your time guys and if that’s the case then there was no problem to begin with :slight_smile:

Is this still an issue? I can’t get Bitwarden to save new logins in Android. However there is an option in the settings to enable or disable the prompt for saving new logins.

This is basic password manager functionality, the alternative is to copy paste username, password, login url and site name by hand? Doesn’t work like this


I never got this to work. And judging from above answers it’s not something that Bitwarden does. Even though all other password managers do…

Having said that, Bitwarden is still amazing especially for a free version. Also, after you use it for a while this becomes less and less of an issue. Once I had most of my website logged in and saved on a pc they do appear on Android. And for any new password on Android I just save a login with a random password before registering.

If you’re willing to pay for a password manager I’m sure there are great options out there that don’t require these workarounds :wink: