No Pop-Up Asking to save login info

On a site like, it asks for a username/e-mail on the first screen and then a continue button which takes you to a second screen with a password field and a submit button. BW is not offering to save the login. Is that normal behavior for this situation? How do I save the login information in BW easily?


Yup, I just signed up here for an account to ask questions and my first question is how come bitwarden did not save or offer to save this login… very awkward to save manually and manually I can’t name the login… Duh… I am missing LastPass a lot but I have to get this to work!

Hey all, just to confirm, have you disabled your browser’s native ability to manage credentials?

I use Edge and this is how it is set:

Unfortunately, this is a well-known issue that the Bitwarden team has been tracking on GitHub for some time. You may find some workarounds there.

It is interesting because one of the reasons I chose BW over 1P is that 1P offers to save the login BEFORE submitting and before you know if the login was successful. They claim to have their reasons for that, but I am used to LP’s way of doing it and think it makes much more sense.

But since I am still testing both, I tried to save the credentials for Hellosign using 1P and had different issues. Because it is two separate login pages, 1P wouldn’t save it easily, either. So at least there is some solace in knowing that both have issues with this particular type of login.

Thanks for the response.

Not sure why you don’t think that you can name the login. To set-up a new vault item for the current website, open the browser extension and click Add a login. This will open the edit screen for a new item; it has pre-filled the website URL as well as a default item name (matching the website hostname), but you can edit the name of the login item to be anything you want, as shown below:

Then you just fill in (or generate) the username and password fields, and click the “Save” button in the upper right corner. Now you can click “Auto-fill” to transfer the information to the web form and submit the form.

These types of issues usually occur because some web designers have chosen non-standard identifiers for the various form fields, which may prevent Bitwarden from recognizing the username and/or password fields on the form. The problem can usually be solved by defining custom fields that are linked to the username or password info for the login item.

For example, on the site that @gadgetfreak was asking about, you would have to define a linked custom field named to autofill the email field on the registration page, and/or a linked custom field named logIn.emailAddress to autofill the email on the actual login page.

Yeah, but manually create all new logins? My login here was not saved and so I reset the password and am back again after my second attempt to save the password… looks like you have to type in manually the login and the password, hopefully it is still in the paste buffer.

I see somebody is concurrently testing 1Password along with Bitwarden. Now that I have reset all my crucial passwords after the LastPass disaster I guess there would be a way to export than import into 1Password.

I have to say I think I will give this a whirl since I do not want another blob in somebody’s cloud.

I wish I knew the relative size of the staff of the two systems, suspect Bitwarden is much smaller, hence probably a lower risk of human stupidity I would venture to say. Maybe.

I am a big researcher and have spent probably over 20 hours between my existing LP and testing BW and 1P. There are positives and negatives to both 1P and BW. At this point, I am leaning towards BW for the following two main reasons:

  1. Emergency access works like LP (though I have another thread open with a question on that so this is still pending).
  2. Save login prompt happens AFTER logging in - like LP. Although we see it is not perfect.

1P is definitely a smoother/prettier interface and it is easy to move things between private and shared by just dragging. And money is no object for me here.

So, assuming I get the answer I need about the Emergency Access to the Organization, I think I am going to make a decision and go with BW.

Hey @gadgetfreak don’t hesitate to reach out to the official support team if any questions go unanswered here :+1:

Unclear what you are trying to achieve here. It is definitely not normal to manually type in the login and password (unless you are registering for a new account and want to use a specific username instead of a generated one).

This was when I was registering for this forum. It did not offer to save my new user information. I did type in a specific username (none was offered).

Slowly getting the hang of this. I guess. I am 100% transferred over at this point and just using it routinely on two computers and my iPhone.

Do you have the browser extension installed? To avoid issues with Bitwarden sometimes not saving credentials that have been entered into a web form, a more robust workflow is to start by creating a new login item in the browser extension (as I explained above), and then using “Auto-fill” to complete the web form.

In the browser extension, you can automatically generate both a username and a password, using the :arrows_counterclockwise: buttons shown to the right of the Username and Password fields in my screenshot above.

OK, helpful to know what to use. I have both the app and the browser extension installed and I forget what I used. With LastPass it was rather simple, you just had a browser extension. I guess the app would be designed for password entry into other apps or windows components, like OneDrive?

Is there any reason to prefer one browser over another. I generally us Mozilla/Firefox since I have probably too many javascript controls installed on Chrome and it is harder to use. Chrome also uses more memory in my hands and seems to slow the machine more.