No pin code after restart browser

after reboot/restart browser and activated pin code,the bitwarden extension ask me for master password,not pin code
so is this normal?
using brave browser

Yes this is to enhance security.

settings -> lock options -> on browser restart
so why there is option like that.
as I think,
if using pin code this mean no need to use master password,so it’s more secure.
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All your data is secured with the master password, the browser extension can’t decrypt ist without your password in memory. The pin code only locks the plugin temporarly, but for the first start you need to enter the passwort so it can access your data.

Look like need to be Master Password for First Login, Pin Code for more security and faster way to login,as i think more using ur master password mean more exposed ur (main) password, and if as u said then Should Removed in “Lock Options” that “on Browser Restart” it’s No meaning for it.
i was be hoping Like Telegram and other apps
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When setting the passcode, did you untick “require master password on browser restart” (or some such) below where you entered the passcode?

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Oh, very thankful to you it’s work now