No authenticator but BW requiring

A year ago my Samsung/Android phone randomly required me to enter an authenticator code to access my account after i entered my master password. I never got passed it. Now my Samsung tablet all of a sudden did exactly the same thing. Now im totally locked out. Any ideas?

@hopkijm Hi!

Just a few first things:

  1. Can you remember, having set up “two-step login” (= 2FA) for your account? You would have done it in the web vault/app ( and it looks like that:

  1. I guess, if you go to the web vault/app (go to in your web browser) and try to log in there with your email address and master password, you are also required to enter a two-step login code? - If you can’t login there (US server region), you could also try to login to the EU server region ( but I guess, if your account is older than about a year, then it will be the US server region.

  2. Assuming you set up an “authenticator app” (it is also called TOTP then - Time-based One-Time-Password), can you remember having a copy of the QR code or secret key, that is needed to set up the authenticator app? Can you remember, with which authenticator app you set it up and where the code could be?

  3. Can you remember ever having stored your two-step login recovery code? (Recovery Codes | Bitwarden Help Center) Ideally it would be on your emergency sheet for the Bitwarden account.

  4. Did you ever do an export of your Bitwarden vault? This would be a good backup / fallback now…

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