NFC Yubikey no longer works with mobile app


I’ve recently used the deauthorize sessions options and I’m now not able to get the Android app to work with my NFC Yubikey.

After entering my master password, the “Authenticate webAuthn” option comes up, but after selecting this a new window that I’ve never seen comes up, telling me “No passkeys available”.

It give me the option to use another device which after selecting this option a QR code comes up, that I guess I would scan with a phone that has the Fido2 passkey installed on it? Not sure.

In the past after selecting the “Authenticate webAuthn” option I was able to hold my Yubikey to the back of the phone and I would gain access to my vault.

How are we supposed to use our NFC Yubikeys now?

I’m thinking that this issue has something to do with Google now supporting storing passkeys, but I’m not sure.

Any help would be appreciated.

Same issue with a non NFC YubiKey.

I contacted Bitwarden support and they are able to reproduce the issue, so hopefully a fix will be coming in the near future.

I was told by them that this issue is only appearing with the latest browsers on Android.

So for now, if you’re using a Yubikey on Android, make sure that you don’t deauthorize that session.

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Thanks for the info - very helpful! :grinning:

I’m having the same issue with my Yubikey 5 using NFC. Hopefully, it gets fixed fast (and hopefully they implement 2fa for the desktop client).

Seems to work for me now. Thanks for fixing it!

It’s all good for me now as well.