Nfc 2fa on phone setup

so this is a newbie question and probably my issue.
so if I use an NFC key and use webauth on my Chromebook to register, it obviously registers it as a USB key and works correctly on Chromebook.

when I try to use as NFC key on my android phone it isn’t recognized when I select NFC key for the type of key. If I plug into USB port on phone it works fine. I know yubikey has a selection for my key that has NFC, but Webauth does not.

So do I need to register the key directly on the phone using NFC which is a PITA because of the master password complexity?

Thank you

I registered my NFC key, under both Yubikey OTP and WebAuthn, on a desktop, and it works fine on an iPhone. I will note that there was an issue with Google/Apple/NFC keys for many months that was just resolved on Apple’s last update. No use to you but I did have to remove and re-add the keys to regain NFC functionality. Something you may want to try.

thanks - will try

so I delete the key and then re-added it and basically received the same results; this time nfc was detected and the system asked which app do I want to open so I know NFC is being recognized

You may want to try setting it up as Yubikey OTP instead of WebAuthn to rule out that as an issue. I am trying to remember - does BW have a checkbox for NFC you have to tick if a key will use it? If so, I assume you checked it. NFC with BW has been fine for me. It was Google that stopped recognizing it, which eventually turned out to be an Apple issue.

thanks - that’s what I was thinking as well. there’s no tic mark for nfc with webauthn. so when i used yubikey nfc worked as designed