(Newbie) What do I enter for the URL of an item

What do I enter for the URL of an item in the Vault?

I went to Amazon.com and selected login. It gave me an incredibly long URL which I copied and pasted into the vault entry form, then saved.

I clicked on the gear, then clicked on Launch. It to me to the login page, but did not fill in the username and password,

Thanks for your reply.

I would suggest you to read this article and watch the video to get a good understanding on using bitwarden Get Started with Browser Extensions | Bitwarden Help & Support

To automatically autofill an item on page load, you will need to enable this in the settings. It is disabled by default.
Link: Auto-fill Logins in Browser Extensions | Bitwarden Help & Support

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Apparently, this has been changed, perhaps deleted.
When I go to Settings–>Options, Auto-fill is not available. When I search the Help for Auto-fill, it gives the page you have linked above, which is not what I get with Settings–>Options.

I was looking at the Help for the web version instead of the browser extension.
I think I have it straightened out now.

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I have also same question any suggestion for this issue soo please reply. Thanks in advance.