Newbie Security Question

I am going to be traveling. During that trip, to avoid having to hassle with two factor authentication on my laptop and/or tablet, I am thinking to Lock All Vaults when I have completed something in BitWarden but NOT logging out. That will avoid having to enter the 2nd factor during my trip.

My question: If I just Lock All Vaults and my tablet/laptop gets lost/stolen, can the data.json be copied and then opened by someone without having to enter my BitWarden password?

Thank you for any help that can give me.

Hey, welcome!

No, the master password is required to export your vault. See more here: Export Vault Data | Bitwarden Help Center

Thanks Favi. How about just a simple Copy . . . not an export . . . just a copy?

FYI - I understand theoretically someone could eventually crack the vault with just a copy. So, in this case, my question is focused on: Can someone open a copy of data.json file in Bitwarden and/or another password manager or even some kind of software than can read a data.json file. Open it without having to enter my password?

No, because your data.json file is encrypted, and accessing the encryption key requires knowledge of your master password. If your master password is sufficiently strong (4-5 randomly selected words produced using a passphrase generator), then the risk is negligible.

However, have you ever created any unencrypted vault exports on these devices? If so, there is a risk that traces of the exposed secrets still exist and could be recovered from your device by a determined attacker.

What is your unlock method? I think this depends on the strength of your unlock method.

AFAIK If your HDD is not securely encrypted then you’re taking a risk if you have a weak unlock method and don’t log out.

This is true only if you set up a PIN and disable the option “Unlock with master password on restart”.

I would recommend to OP to not use a PIN while travelling.

A big thank you to grb and to everyone who pitched in and tried to help a newbie !! My password is beyond the 5 randomly selected words. I created that by using a passphrase generator. I do not have any unencrypted vaults on these devices. I do not use a PIN. Based on my understanding of the responses, my risk is negligible.