Newbie Question

I have over 200 sites on my paper list I use now. Some of the information I believe is stored in my browsers (Safari/FireFox). Do I have to go to every site and change my password? If so, that is a huge job. Can Bitwarden pop up when I go to a site to remind me to log the site with a new password? Thanks.

Not quite, yet you can have some sort of workaround.

First import all of your accounts into Bitwarden (watch out for dupes). Then if you have the browser extension installed every time you are in a site with an account matching the URL an indicator will be shown in the extension button.

Hope that helps. I went trough the same with a very large number of accounts. Changing passwords and enabling MFA its definitively a PITA yet I highly encourage you to get the job done.

Stay safe!