(newbe) is there an infield fill option

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Hi all: based on recomendations on Reddit I am working on moving from Family LastPass to Bitwarden.
Once I am moved over, I will need to move my wife and “train” her. Remember “Happy Wife = Happy Life” :slight_smile:
R The closer I can make it work in Edge, Chrome and Android 12 (google Pixel 6 Pro) the better. So far, seems mostly very similar. Transfering sites went very smooth.
1st and main issue so far is I can’t find “InField” icon. Not sure if I am naming it correctly, With LP their was a fill icon inside the Username and PW field that I could right click on to get the username/pw
Does BitWarden support this? if so where is the setting to enable it?

2nd - looking for autofill. I only use for some websites where I only have one accoutn. Some sites like SSA have multiple accounts where both my wife and my I each have to have seperate accounts, so do not want autofill for them

Thanks for your help

Hello Steve (@NotSoBigGuyAnymore) - welcome to Bitwarden and the community forums.

If you are looking to autofill your credentials on websites, Bitwarden does a pretty slick job of this. But it doesn’t use an icon.

If you have not done so already, you will want to install the Bitwarden browser extension in your browser and login with your email and Bitwarden password. Once that is all set up, you can just right-click any username or password field on a website, and Bitwarden will try to locate your info and fill it for you.

You can also use the keyboard shortcut Shift-Control-L (Shift-Command-L on a Mac) to initiate an autofill.

Or you can click the Bitwarden extension icon in the browser and it should bring up your credentials there - click on the one you want and it will fill the username and password into the web page.

It is also possible to enable autofill on sites automatically when the page loads, if you prefer that, but you will have to set up those options on each device independently. You can also flag individual items in your vault to never autofill on page load, if you prefer.

Here are some help documents to get you started. I hope you find them helpful! Cheers.