New video project on Crowdin to localize Learning Center videos

:speech_balloon: If anyone is interested in contributing their localization talents to get Bitwarden Learning Center videos to more people, check out the videos project on Crowdin! :raised_hands:

There is just 1 video to start with to make sure everything is working as expected and captions will sync back to the video in the Learning 1x a day.


Just updating that more educational videos have been added to the localization project!

When translating Bitwarden Learning Center videos, you can now preview the video while translating strings.

Great news! Happy with that!

To let us work with the Video Preview App within Crowdin, it looks like you need to enable it for us. From my side, I can’t launch any previews as I don’t see the App.

Please see the screenshot below (default behavior):

Hey @Inkoming, I just tried this with a demo user account I created and the blue eye icon was already there in the sidebar.

Can you send me a screenshot if you are seeing something different from the above?
Screenshot 2023-06-09 at 6.36.20 AM

Same for me, I can see the three standard icons (the grey ones above the video preview in your screenshot) and the + to install apps. I can install the Video Preview app, but get the same information about contacting the project owner (the screenshot Inkoming shared). The blue eye icon doesn’t show up.

Can you share a full screenshot? The screenshot above is from a demo account with regular user permissions.

And just to confirm, you are in the Bitwarden - Videos project?

Thanks, it was a user error on my side. :sweat:

I had to actively join the project (with the “Join” button in the top right of the overview) to make the video preview button visible.

If you don’t join, you can still take part in the translations (e.g. suggest text or vote), though. This is a bit confusing.

Ah, that is helpful, thanks!

Same here. Thanks for the reminder! :sweat_smile:
Everything is working as expected.

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Do you have a locked set of languages or could you add Finnish to the videos too?

Hey @olavinto I’ll enable Finnish :+1:

I have noticed that very often there are spaces at the beginning and/or end of sentence fragment strings. This causes unnecessary autocorrect messages. Also, punctuation marks like periods are sometimes missing or in the middle of the sentence. You can only find this out when you watch the video.
There is also a general problem with the timing, which as far as I can see cannot be changed. This unfortunately causes problems with the grammar. Sometimes you can use the next or previous item, but in some cases they are too short to read everything.
Splitting longer sentences is also an often criticized issue with the Bitwarden software, but there is no other way for subtitles.