New user with import from Norton


I am a new bitwarden user and imported some passwords from another manager. I did this a few years ago and can’t remember what I did. I now want to use bitwarden. I have a few queries which I hope you can help with:

  1. I seem to have an issue where all of the Fields have been mixed up when I log in …the bitwarden password field is completed with the name of the site, the username is completed with the password and the name is the username. Does anyone know of a quick way of resolving this as there are 250 passwords!

  2. My next query regards having the bitwarden app installed on my desktop along where I also use the Chrome bitwarden extension. How long does it take any new or changed password entries to sync and appear in both sites or do I need to sync it manually and then wait X minutes

  3. Final question, would all of the same bitwarden functionality work on my android smartphone and also on my separate Chromebook

Thanks in advance

Hi @supertl and welcome to the Community! I have answers to 2 of your questions.

The CSV that you are importing probably has a different order than what Bitwarden is expecting. What I suggest you do is the following:

  1. Manually add one of your login entries to Bitwarden.
  2. Export the entry that you added from Bitwarden to a CSV file.
  3. Compare the CSV file that you just exported from Bitwarden to the CSV file that you want to import and make adjustments so that they match.
  4. Delete the login entry that you added and try importing again.

I also have an android smartphone and separate Chromebook. On android, I just use the Bitwarden android app. On the Chromebook, I mostly use the Chrome browser extension. The functionality is very similar.

Good luck!

Thanks. Alas I don’t have the original csv any longer!

@supertl I’m sorry to hear you no longer have the original CSV file.

I did a little research on this question and I found that the normal sync time is 30 minutes or sooner if you are logging in or unlocking the vault. You can also manually sync as you mentioned.

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I had a thought. I could export the current bitwarden vault in csv and then switch the columns and reimport once corrected but I cannot see where to import?

Read till the end before trying!
To import your csv-file go to, then go to Tools and then on the left you will see Import.

Some important notes:

  • Importing data means adding data. In other words: You will not overwrite the already existing items, thus you will get duplicate. To prevent this from happening prior to importing you should delete the existing content.
  • Before deleting the existing content make sure to have the exported CSV file in more than a single location; preferable on 2 different drives; like the internal drive you already have it on and a USB device.

Something like this may work if the data weren’t too mangled in the original import. The correct column headers for importing using the Bitwarden CSV format are as follows:


At a minimum, each vault item must have a value in the name column and in the type column (the type column should contain the word login or the word note, depending on whether you want it to get imported as a login item or as a secure note item). The other columns can be blank, although for login items to function properly, the corresponding URL, username, and password should be located in the columns named login_uri, login_username, an login_password, respectively.

Let us know if you need help with any of the other columns.

Hi, I tried the above method from Peter and i all seems ok now, thanks

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