New type of multi-factor authentication (which doesn't work)?

Hi, new install of Windows 11 and I’m trying to log into the BitWarden Chrome extension. Normally I can pick security key or authenticator code.

However, authenticator code doesn’t seem to an option anymore. Instead when I click on phone I get the below notification on my Android phone. How is this meant to be trying to connect to my PC, e.g. Bluetooth? There so little information provided.

This is actually a new feature in Google Chrome rather than Bitwarden.

See this thread for more discussion:

Thank you for the quick reply. That’s all people wanting to remove the option, I’d like to make it work ideally.

Is it still possible to using an authentication code instead? Or have Google decided to remove this option?

When you pick “phone”, what’s actually happening is that you’re saying “use phone as security key” and I’d bet this is NFC, common on security keys. For the app code, you’ll have to try a different 2FA.

Okay, so how does one choose that option please?

I only have these two options available.

The “Use another two-step login method” option is hidden behind this box. When either option eventually times out, it’s not selectable.

I’m only allowed one screenshot per post…

That’s not cool. Are they grouped together? Can you alt-tab to the right window?

Or maybe click on the window you want and you tab to hopefully select it?

What you’ll probably need to do is log on with the phone itself (no computer that is) so you can get to turning it off.

Ah ha, I figured it out. I had to:

  • choose an option
  • click cancel (don’t let it timeout)
  • then the “Use another two-step login method” can be picked.

Thanks for the pointers.

(My new build desktop doesn’t have NFC unfortunately. I’d wager most don’t.)

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