New to password management

Have just started to investigate password management and am rather ignorant on the process.
In particular I cannot find information on the following
1 - What about the passwords for using one’s PC, laptop, phone etc. - one would still need to
recall those I assume before one could access the Password Management?
2 - When a device has already been accessed, can anyone therefore locate one’s passwords?
I have family members who sometimes use my computer or laptap, so they would be also
able to find all my passwords?
Thanks in advance for clarifying this for me

  1. It’s better to just remember such passwords, IMO, because unless you use passphrases and not random characters, retyping your long password e.g. from mobile app to log into your PC would be quite uncomfortable.
  2. First rule - whenever leaving your PC/any device unattended, lock it. But if you family is sharing your account on PC (and not having their own accounts), then make sure e. g. the browser extension is locked, either automatically or manually.

I am sorry, I know this is not very great post, but I am lacking time just now.:frowning:

Thank you J-O-D, especially as you were pressed for time.
Your reply was very helpful. I didn’t know the browser extension could be locked. I will check out how to do that.:grinning: