New IPhone-Problem ICloud password

I bought and installed a new IPhone today but cannot log in to Bitwarden. I keep getting errors on username and password while these come straight from my ICloud passwords. The same ICloud username and password works on my old IPhone, my IPad and my MacBook. What am I doing wrong?

Hello @adenzerink welcome to Bitwarden community forums!
Sorry to hear that you are facing problems in logging in from your new device.
Could you provide more info about what type of error you are facing ?
Also ensure that you are entering correct email associated with your account.
I would suggest you to try manually typing the password for logging into the account to make sure their are no errors or mismatch.
If you are facing error with captcha , you could try connecting with another network to fix it.

Also you can go through this guide here for help.
I hope it helps
Cheers :+1: