New inline autofill feature

Greeting everyone. I was looking forward to this new feature being implemented. Sad to report that it doesn’t work on my android device. So please, I need a little help determining the cause.
I’m using the 2.7.0 github release, along with Gboard, on a Pixel 3a with A11 Graphene OS.
Now to the point. The login information doesn’t show up on the suggestion strip. I’ve tested this with browsers (two different ones based on chromium, and firefox) and also a few different apps. The old method is working without an issue.
I have cleared the data for both Bitwarden and Gboard, reinstalled them, rebooted the device. Had no succes.
I’ve ran logcat and when tapping on a login field and I got this:

Can you file an issue on Github? The devs will take a look at it.
Inline Autofill is a new thing, so it will take time to improve.