New entry created in iOS not available for auto-filling?

Yesterday I needed a new entry which I created in iOS app. After creating this new entry I synchronized some times but I was not able to find this new entry when searching for this when logging into the app. :confused:

I was able to find this new entry in the vault. It was there. But it was not available for auto-filling. I tried to force quit Bitwarden and all other applications and tried to restart my iPhone. But still it was not possible to use this newly created entry for auto-filling.

Today I tried again if the entry is available and now it works. The entry is available for auto-filling.

Is this a known problem? Could it be that a newly created entry in iOS app is not available for auto-filling for a certain time? Has anyone else noticed this behavior?


Yes I’ve definitely had this same issue, and I reported it to Bitwarden support. Hopefully they figure out a fix.

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It looks like they have an issue open to address this:

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Hopefully this will be fixed soon. :confused: