New configuration to solve autofill problem

New feature:
A new field on credentials configuration to manually insert an XPath to track username and password fields.

Sometimes the autofill doesn’t work well on some websites. I didn’t inspect the code to know how it works, but I think it tracks the tags.
For the case that the users know how to get the tags or XPaths, Bitwarden could offer a field to link the username and password to an XPath inputted manually by the user, advertising that it’s not totally functional and the website can change the XPath at any time and break the tracks.
I know that some part of users doesn’t know how to use XPaths, but I believe that part of users could enjoy this functionality.

Hey there, just to confirm, have you tried using linked custom fields to solve this one? Auto-fill Custom Fields | Bitwarden Help Center

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Perfect. It’s exactly what I was looking for.