New Browser Extension not working with Biometric login

Problem also exists on MacOS Catalina with Brave Browser Stable / Version 1.19.86 Chromium: 88.0.4324.96 (Official Build) (x86_64).

Latest extension from Chrome store, latest desktop app from App store.

Thanks for the response! I’m not just a man of words so I submitted a PR with a pull request template which could bring things like these to light. I’m not sure this would have caught the entitlements necessary, but I’m sure a manual process for that can be worked in, and eventually automated. We use it in some of my repositories and just manually writing things out often makes people more aware of what needs to be tested in addition to CI

I now got browser biometric unlock working in Edge Chromium too after v1.48 was officially released in MS Store :wink:
Now we just need to have the Vault timeout setting working after enabling biometric unlock. No matter which timeout I choose I always have to unlock my vault if I shut down the browser. If I don’t use biometric unlock the vault timeout setting seems to work fine. I only want the browser to lock when the system locks.

I got the new update from the Mac App store 1.24.4, installed the edge extension of bitwarden but still no touch id :frowning:

yes i enabled it in the Bitwarden app and when i go to the Edge extension to enabled to keeps saying i need to enable it in the Bitwarden app :frowning:

Still not working after the update to version 1.24.4, @go12. I tried closing both apps and turning the Browser Integration option off and back on with no luck. New specs below

  • BW 1.24.4 from App Store on Desktop
  • Big Sur (11.1)
  • Chrome 88.0.4324.96 (also the previous 87 did not work)
  • BW Extension 1.48.0 for Chrome

Likewise - but Catalina for me

Still doesn’t work. I’ve tried re-install BW extension on chrome, but it’s got stuck on “Awaiting Confirmation on Desktop” when trying to check the “Unlock with biometrics” option

  • BW Chrome extension 1.48.1
  • BW 1.24.4 from App Store on Desktop
  • BigSur 11.1
  • Chrome 88.0.4324.96
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Hey folks! We’re working on it :sunglasses:

We’ll make a General Availability post on when we have it ready for prime time!


@tgreer With the new 1.24.5 touch is is working with Edge browser! Only is it possible to enable touch id as primary authentication method? Now when i click the bitwarden icon in edge is have to click on “Unlock with biometrics”, this is not user friendly, why!?!?

Hi Bitwarden Friends, there was a desktop update today to 1.24.5 that appears to address browser biometrics for Mac. Note that if you have been testing recently, you will need to uncheck and recheck the desktop setting for ‘Enable browser integration’ in the newest app. As mentioned earlier, the news on the Bitwarden blog will be our official announcement

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@go12 Can you make Touch ID as primary authentication so no extra click is needed for “Unlock with biometrics”?

Hi all, can confirm it’s working now on Catalina with version 1.24.5. Very cool.

A bit of feedback @go12 @tgreer

  1. Agree with @Samplex. The biometrics button apparently can’t even be selected/activated with the keyboard. Please just make biometrics the default option.

  2. Is there a way to disable the MacOS user password fallback in the fingerprint prompt? When e.g. installing BitWarden on a corporate computer, we don’t want others to be able to easily decrypt our password manager that mostly contains personal passwords. Or is fingerprint just as insecure because fingerprints can be added without resetting the authentication? (PS: Reminds me that sub-vaults would be really exciting to have …)

  3. Can you elaborate how much of a security hit we’re taking if the “Require verification for browser integration” box is disabled? Does this mean that any application on the Mac could just hijack the fingerprint authentication (basically a race) and read our passwords? How easy is it to execute this attack?

Thank you!

Seems to be working with Chrome, but not on Firefox for me:


  • BW 1.24.5 from App Store on Desktop
  • Catalina 10.15.7 (19H15)


  • Chrome 88.0.4324.96
  • BW Chrome extension 1.48.0

Does not work, same computer

  • Firefox 85.0 (64-bit)
  • BW Firefox extension 1.48.1

Actually, with version 1.48.0 of the extension on Firefox I had the option to enable biometrics (even though it didn’t think the desktop app was configured correctly), but after updating the Firefox extension to 1.48.1 the option for enabling biometrics is gone.
Does this mean you won’t be able to support biometrics in Firefox at all?

(but a BIG thank you for doing biometrics at all, a long awaited feature for sure!) :slight_smile:

As a new user of Bitwarden I really think the support is excellent. They are really fast and doing everything they can to fix issues. I think we all need to appreciate that :smiley:

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I’m not sure about Edge, but it works on Brave although you have to manually enable it.

Right click Bitwarden icon → “Manage extensions” → “Allow access to file URLs”

May be worth exploring on Edge too since both use Chromium.


Works now also on BigSur + Chrome. Awesome :+1:

(If there still was an option to Cmd-Q which would just put BW to Menu Bar. Now despite the options, this actually kills BW. Seems to be a bug IMO.)

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@go12 @tgreer I also agree with @B0UNC3R when Touch ID is not available e.g. when using a macbook with closed lid with external monitors the fallback should be to the master password not the User MacOS password.

Thanks for all the feedback!

Re: Master Password vs. computer password, I’ll raise that as an item to look at, but I think we have to follow the default Touch ID experience, otherwise we’d need to have a way to detect the status of the lid being closed, etc.

Chrome seems to be working now with App Store version 1.24.5. But in Safari the biometrics option disappeared after this update. Browser version is 1.48.1 in both Safari and Chrome. I only noticed that biometrics has been removed from Firefox but not from Safari. Could this be related to the recent Safari 14.0.2 update? Or will desktop version 1.24.6 fix this which is currently not yet available in the mac app store?

I think detecting lid status would be overkill. Maybe you could have a UI button in the fingerprint prompt that allows the user to enter the master password instead. The critical part is not allowing access via the MacOS password.