Never remember this login

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Feature name

Never remember this login

Feature function

Allow you to ignore a certain login

  • At the moment when you login with an unsaved login you get a prompt that allows you to never remember for this site, I have some sites with multiple logins and I might want to never remember a certain one.

How about making use of the so-called Blacklisted URIs ?
Go to SettingsOptions and then scroll down.

because it’s a login on a site I want to ignore not a site itself, a site where I might have personal and work accounts, or have to log in other accounts.

As an example, at the moment I have to work from home and regularly log into both the companies main email and my personal company email. Each time I log in to the main account I get asked if I want to store this login, I don’t want to exclude the site because I do store my personal company login, If that makes sense.