"NetworkError when attempting to fetch resource." on self-host

I’ve done an install a few times on different containers/VMs, settled on a Debian VM on Proxmox so I can avoid the issues with ZFS.

Install goes fine, I can browse to the IP (no domain for LAN), but when I create account/log in, it throws “NetworkError when attempting to fetch resource.” at me.

Here’s my docker ps

I have tried connected from Firefox and the iOS app to no success, but weirdly I can connect via a Chromium browser and Safari on iOS just fiddling around just fine.

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Just as an update and solution, it was simply a certificate issue. Have since remade my SSL cert, making sure it was my server private IP address.

Firefox essentially fixed itself after browsing and installing the cert upon request.

iOS required me to utilize either Safari or Mail apps to install, since they’re the only ones that can install certs. Mailing the cert to myself and then opening it promoted the install. Then allowing the root cert allowed me to utilize my server via the iOS app.

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