NetworkError - Vault empty?

Hi there,
I am using “Bitwarden - Free Password Manager” Version 2023.3.0 on Firefox for mac and on Android. I just noticed that any request to upload a new password or to update an existing entry failed.

An error has occured
NetworkError when attempting to fetch resource.

Logging into my vault in the browser, the vault shows as completely empty.

Trying to contact BW Get in Touch | Bitwarden also gave me a networkerror message

Anyone having the same problems?

Not here. The status page shows no outages either.

Thanks grb. I checked the status page before posting here.
By now it seems that it might actually be an issue with my IP address. It was working fine, just after submitting the post, but now it is back. Logging into the web vault, I am getting this:

Switching on my VPN and suddenly it works. Same when firing off a manual Sync request in the browser app.

I contacted support (while my VPN is on :wink: )