Nested Folder Behavior Question

Hi, I am new to Bitwarden (from lasspass) and I am trying to play around with BW to see if it is a good replacement.
One of the items I am trying is the folder organization.
I created a folder “parent”, and a nested folder “parent/child”. I then add a new login to it (lets call it “mylogin”). When I click on the “All vaults”, I can see both the parent folder and child folder, along with the login. But when I click on “My vault”, only the parent folder show up, and the child folder disappear. When I click on the parent folder, nothing show inside.
Is there something that I am missing?
(this is for the web ui)

I’m a Lastpass refugee too. BW is a good replacement but it has taken a couple of weeks to get up to speed and I’m still learning new things. LP did have good usability.
Overall I have no regrets moving to BW and I wish I had switched 2 years ago.

Thanks for showing me folder nesting, I never realised you could that :grinning:
The behaviour you describe is wierd and it’s has got to be a bug. For me it is the child folder that stays visible. I have never understood why any of the folders disappear when you click My Vault.
Lets see what the regulars say.

It looks like its not related to parent/child folder, but which folder contains items.

I currently have items in child folder, and it is not visible when I click on “My vault” (parent folder remain visible)
But If I add another item to the parent folder, now the parent folder is also not visible.

Yes I agree.
I add items to my empty sub folder and it dissapears (My Vault).
I create an empty top level folder and it stays visible (My Vault).
NB item in bin counts as present.

So empty folders don’t hide when user clicks on My Vault. Still don’t understood why folders hide in any circumstances.