Need more Windows biometrics integration so i dont have to type my password 3 times , and android version problems

It would be a lot easier to just type my windows password and not meet me with a bitwarden notification that asks me to type my windows password again for the app, and then open the browser and wonder why my accounts are not auto-filled in and find out after that I have also to manually login for the browser extension, literally 3 unneeded steps.
I am a new user who switched from LastPass to bitwarden cuz of the better quality that bitwarden provides, I have never had this problem at all with LastPass.
Also, why doesn’t the Android version of the app always work, the app doesn’t always detect new accounts made or entered in other apps or the browser (I am using Edge chromium for android)
also plz consider making a mini-app (like a chat bubble) for the android version for seamless use.

Before you make a request, try to see if you set your windows Hello integration properly. Did you follow the following post to setup your windows biometrics.