Need help with migration from Lastpass shared folders to bitwarden

Hey everyone ! How’s it going ?

I’m setting up Bitwarden for our company, we are switching to it from Lastpass. As far as I’m seeing, there’s not a direct way in place, system or option to export ONLY shared folders and groups from lastpass and get them into bitwarden.

I have 10 different groups and 25 different shared folders. Has anyone been on a similar situation and figured it out ?

Right now my idea is reaching out personally to each owner/admin of each group and work with them to get them into bitwarden, but it’s going to take a lot of time.

Hi Martin! There appear to be some LP configurations that enable admins to export shared folders from LP and some that do not. And your discovery is consistent with what we have seen.
The Bitwarden Importer Bitwarden Importer Tool | Bitwarden Help Center does have an option to skip import of shared folders if they are exported together, leaving room for a more tailored configuration. Hope this helps.
+added update
We recommend, when possible in LP, that the Super Admin do a single bulk export of all Shared Folders and import that one time into the Bitwarden Organization, rather than having separate Groups import their data individually. Centralizing this to a single mass-import reduces the incidence of data duplication, missing data, or missing permissions.